How is a star born in the galaxy?

Answer Stars form in our galaxy through the collapse of immense quantities of stellar raw materials. Modern scientific instruments can view this process as it occurs.ProtostarsStars begin as clouds of dus... Read More »

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Cheats for the Secret Star in the Freezeflame Galaxy of "Super Mario Galaxy"?

Obtaining the secret star in the Freezeflame Galaxy level of Super Mario Galaxy involves a series of actions that require you to first advance far enough into the game to have access to the Freezef... Read More »

What is the brightest star in the galaxy?

The brightest star in the Milky Way galaxy, according to the Online Web Library, is massive Eta Carinae. It has the light of 4.7 million suns and is the size of 100 suns. However, research on a sta... Read More »

How to Unlock the Final Star on Mario Galaxy?

Have you ever been playing Mario galaxy and you just couldn't find the last star? follow these simple steps and you will beat the game permanently.

What is the approximate rate of star formation in the galaxy?

The Milky Way Galaxy is a vast region of space, home to our solar system and billions of stars. It is estimated that an average of seven new stars form in the galaxy each year, replacing others tha... Read More »