How is a social security number assigned?

Answer A nine-digit social security number is determined by three sets of numbers: the three-digit Area Number, two-digit Group Number, and four-digit Serial Number. Until 1973, numbers were assigned by l... Read More »

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How are Social Security numbers assigned?

Social Security numbers are assigned according to geography--but the system is not very precise, and it doesn't necessarily reflect where a person was born or even where she lived.BasicsEvery Socia... Read More »

What does the middle number stand for in your Social Security number?

The middle two digits of the Social Security number is the group number. These two digits range from 01-99. The numbers are not assigned consecutively; states are issued odd numbers first and when ... Read More »

Can you join the US military with no Social Security number and just a tax ID number?

No. You have to have a valid Social Security number, which the military will check to ensure is yours.

Is a tax identification number the same as your Social Security number?

Although used interchangeably on Internal Revenue Service documents, taxpayer identification numbers and Social Security numbers are not the same. The Social Security Administration assigns Social ... Read More »