How is a person with Down syndrome affected mentally?

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Who is affected when a child has Down syndrome?

Special education teachers are one group who work with special needs children. Occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech-language pathologists also work with special needs children.

What race is affected by cockayne syndrome?

All races are affected by Cockayne Syndrome. To learn more about this syndrome

If a person with no eye defect begins wearing glasses with some power, how will that person be affected?

Perfect eyes: if you wear glasses and don't need them (or, as a glasses wearer you wear ones that are too strong for you) you will get a headache and your eyes will feel tired. Over a period of tim... Read More »

PCOS has this syndrome affected your life?

How old are you? 23 that is great. Actually your results are positive.An FSH level above 10-12 indicates that ovaries are starting to fail, and your level isn't that high so that is good.elevate... Read More »