How is a person served legal papers?

Answer Legal documents are generally related to pending court cases, and include summonses, writs, subpoenas and complaints. Legal papers must be served in a specific way for a case to move forward.Functi... Read More »

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Can i have my divorce papers served by mail?

Most states will allow service by mail if the documents are sent registered or certified mail where the respondent is required to sign for the package or envelope. Check with your local court rules... Read More »

How long does it take to be served divorce papers?

Divorce papers can be served by the court, and the clerk of the court has five to 10 days to have the papers served. Services also can be rendered by a private party. The papers need to be filed be... Read More »

If your son's mother just served you with papers that she intends on moving out of the country and you have shared parental repsonsibility in Florida can she do this and can you fight it and win?

Answer If you have partial custody of your son and have been making child payments according to orders from the court, then no, she can't. I suggest you move fast and see a lawyer. You have ever... Read More »

Who is a person who has served in the military?

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