How is a mortgage payment calculated?

Answer At the time of closing on a mortgage (buying the property), your bank will explain how the payment works. Most of the payment is principal and interest. Depending on the loan, personal mortgage ins... Read More »

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How is a loan payment calculated?

When you take out a loan, the bank sets up a repayment schedule that tells you how much you have to pay each month. Most loans have equal payments, but some offer interest-only payment options.Form... Read More »

How is mortgage APR calculated?

Mortgage APR, or annual percentage rate, is slightly different than a standard APR. The purpose of the mortgage APR is to include all of the costs of the loan rather than just looking at the intere... Read More »

How is my mortgage calculated?

A mortgage refers to a loan that is used to pay for your home. To make the loan less risky, the lender uses the home as collateral.Interest RateThe interest rate on your mortgage depends on market ... Read More »

How Are FHA Mortgage Rates Calculated?

Federal Housing Authority (FHA) mortgages are designed to give first-time home buyers more affordable rates. They also permit lower-income families the chance to purchase a home of their own by all... Read More »