How is a lotus flower monocot or dicot?

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Are iris flower leaves monocot or dicot?

Irises are monocots. Monocot plants sprout with one leave and produce flowers that have parts occuring in threes or multiples of threes. The leaves of monocots often have parallel veins.Source:Mono... Read More »

Is rye grass a monocot or dicot?

There are several types of rye grass, including giant rye grass, western rye grass, alkali rye grass and Australian rye grass. These all are monocots, as are all true members of the grass family.Re... Read More »

Is an apple a monocot or dicot?

An apple is a dicot. Its seeds have two cotyledons, or two seed leaves. Most flowering plants are dicots. Monocots are simpler plants with three petals, compared to dicots, which have petals in fou... Read More »

Is a Wood Violet a Monocot or a Dicot?

Wood violets (Viola papilionacea) grow as perennials in gardens, meadows and along roadsides. The plant is native to the United States and is also known scientifically as Viola sororia and Viola pr... Read More »