Why was ellis island made?

Answer Before 1855, the United States left immigrant processing up to individual states. There was no official immigration center until the selection of Ellis Island in New York state.The Need for Immigra... Read More »

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Who made it on to scorpion island?

storm spiderman iron man wolverine hulk thor falcon silver surfer aim agent captain America crimson dynamon abomination invisible woman magneto mole man nightcrawler sabretooth thing ms.marvel

Have you ever made Poop Island?

Aww, Doc, did my question get you thinking about weird poop?Anyway, it's blueberry Schnapps with a Tootsie Roll, right?

How were the Easter Island statues made?

The mystery of the infamous Easter Island stone statues lies in their creation. While no one can be sure how the statues on Easter Island were made or transported, certain theories have taken the f... Read More »

Is my car donation made in Rhode Island tax deductible?

In order for your car donation is tax deductible in the state of Rhode Island, you must donate your car to an IRS classified 501(c)(3) charitable organization. You do not need the title to donate t... Read More »