How is a kinetic energy recovery system used in hybrids?

Answer Hybrid vehicles, like the Toyota Prius, the Ford Fusion, the Honda Insight or others, use a braking system that recovers the kinetic energy (the energy of an object's motion) and stores it.Rechargi... Read More »

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Is fossil fuel a kinetic energy or a potential energy?

Fossil fuels, such as oil and coal, store potential energy until this energy is released through the process of combustion. When a fossil fuel is burned, energy is released in the form of heat.Sou... Read More »

Is nuclear energy a kinetic or potential energy?

Nuclear energy can be either kinetic or potential. A chunk of uranium has lots of potential nuclear energy: atoms that have not yet decayed. As the uranium undergoes radioactive decay, it gets hot.... Read More »

What is the software used for data recovery on an information system?

A variety of different software programs can be used for data recovery on an information system. A few of the more popular software programs are Diskinternals Uneraser 3.7, NTFS Data Recovery 4.1 a... Read More »

Forms of Kinetic Energy?

Kinetic energy is energy in motion. Moving objects can exert force on other objects. It's this ability to work that produces kinetic energy. The term comes from the Greek word "kinetikos," meaning ... Read More »