How is a husky trained to pull sleds?

Answer Training huskies to pull sleds is a multifaceted endeavor that requires patience and time but can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Good training combined with the breed's natural inclination ... Read More »

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Why do huskies pull dog sleds?

Siberian Huskies were originally bred in the harsh winter climate of Northeast Asia, most likely by the Chukchi Tribe on the Siberian peninsula. Specific breed characteristics make Siberian Huskie... Read More »

Are MARSOC marines just as well trained as Navy SEALs because people keep saying that SEALs are better trained and that MARSOC sucks?

Well trained is the question. All members of the United States Military are the most well trained. Whatever the job or function. All jobs matter. All take pride in their ability to perform their ta... Read More »

How to Play Bumper Sleds?

This is a fun game to play in winter. With some simple steps, you can play this very fun game.

How fast can skeleton sleds go?

Top speeds of skeleton sleds can reach more than 135 km/h or 80 mph. Steering the skeleton sled either too much or too little can cause the sled to slow down.Source:FIBT: The Race