How is a harmonica built?

Answer The harmonica is based on a simple construction with five basic pieces forming the entire instrument. The harmonica is unique among wind musical instruments as different notes can be produced when ... Read More »

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How to Buy a Harmonica?

Buying a harmonica can be quite confusing at first. Beginners tend to buy the first one they see, usually the cheapest, not knowing much about the instrument. Their harmonica ends up broken, thrown... Read More »

What is a blues harmonica?

Blues harmonica is more about a style of playing than it is about any one particular type of instrument. Most blues harmonica players use the standard 10-hole diatonic harmonica because it is cheap... Read More »

How to Play a Harmonica?

The harmonica, or as it is commonly known among musicians, the "harp," is a small reed instrument. The harmonica is notable because it is extremely versatile despite its small, portable size.It wou... Read More »

How Do I Slide on My Harmonica When It Is Too Dry?

Harmonicas are meant to slide freely across your lips during play. Dry mouth or lips can keep this from happening, which makes it uncomfortable and difficult to play properly. The cause of dry lips... Read More »