How is a fruit produced from a plant?

Answer Fruits are a wonderful thing. But what we don't normally think about is what they really are.First off, imagine a garden hose with a balloon attached to the end. When you turn on the water, the bal... Read More »

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How a hybrid fruit (berry, plant) is produced?

Hybrids are a cross of two similar plants. Using a tomato as an example. One parent plant may be selected for it's fruit and the other for disease resistance. The plants are cross pollinated by... Read More »

It's late October and my grape tomato plant is still pumping out fruit. Do I have a magical plant?

For some reason that just reminds of of that big room full of eggs in the movie ALIENS. I suspect that plant is just ploppin' them things out all night long. I suggest you get a flame thrower and t... Read More »

Where is pollen produced by a flowering plant?

Pollen is produced at the anthers of stamens, which usually look like bulbs on the tips of little stocks. The stamens can often be found in the center of a male or asexual plant's flowers.Referenc... Read More »

How much energy is produced by a coal plant?

Coal plants can produce anywhere from hundreds to thousands of megawatts of energy. These plants vary from single unit to combined-cycle units. For example, the Suwanee Plant in Live Oak, Florida, ... Read More »