How is a flat panel done on a knitting loom?

Answer Knitting looms are helping more people knit every year. These simple tools are a lot easier to use than knitting needles. They come in two basic shapes: round and rectangular. Each shape is availab... Read More »

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How to Knit a Flat Panel on a Loom Single Sided?

Loom knitting allows crafters to create knitted objects without using the two knitting needles. Instead, a hook is used to knit loops on and off of a loom. Flat panel knitting, also known as single... Read More »

How to Make a Hat with a Knitting Loom?

If you're having trouble with knitting needles, or just want to learn a new knitting technique, a round knitting loom is a very easy way to make a knit hat. Give it a try! Click any photo to enlarg... Read More »

How to Knit With a Knitting Loom?

Loom knitting is fun, easy, and faster than knitting with needles! You can make scarfs, hats, socks,and others! Knitting looms come in many sizes so pick a loom depending on how wide you want your ... Read More »

Loom Knitting Ideas?

Loom knitting is a popular craft. You can make a wide variety of projects with no previous knitting experience. If you can wrap yarn around pegs, you can loom knit. Hats, scarves, blankets and more... Read More »