How is a diagnosis of Arnold-Chiari malformation made?

Answer An Arnold-Chiari malformation is diagnosed with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) . An MRI uses magnetism and radio waves to produce a picture of the brain and show the crowding of the space between... Read More »

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How is Arnold-Chiari malformation treated?

The recommended treatment for an Arnold-Chiari I malformation is surgery to relieve the pressure on the cerebellar area. During the surgery, the surgeon removes a small part of the bone at the base... Read More »

What is a common symptom of Arnold-Chiari malformation?

One of the most common symptoms of Arnold-Chiari malformations is a headache . The headache generally begins in the neck or base of the skull and may radiate through the back of the head.

My son aged four has Arnold-Chiari malformation type one and hydrocephalus can anybody answer please what may of caused this and also the prognosis for the future .my son is now 4 yrs old.thanks?

You are describing nerve pain, he needs to see a Neurologist ASAP!

Chiari one malformation and the air force?

We would search on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook to start with. It is quite likely that someone will know the person, or they may be registered.