How is a cruise ship like a cell?

Answer It has many parts like a cell.The control room is the nucleus. The control room of the cell.The ribosomes is the mess hall where all the food is consumed.The mitochondria is the boiler room. It is ... Read More »

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Why does a dance host on a cruise ship have to sign a waiver releasing the agent and cruise company from liability and does his travel insurance cover him and what happens if the ship sinks?

The waiver pertains to liability of injury while dancing. Dancing on a stage is dangerous because of lighting conditions, and cruise ship stages are especially dangerous because of the added motion... Read More »

Can i use a cell phone on a cruise ship?

Many cruise ships now have antennas that allow guests to use their cell phones while at sea, although pricey international access charges may apply. Cruisers should check with their cruise line bef... Read More »

Do cell phone companies charge for incoming calls on a cruise ship?

You will be charged a roaming fee for incoming calls on a cruise. You will be charged roaming fees for cell phone usage on a cruise ship, including data usage. Find out if your cell phone company o... Read More »

How big are cruise ship staterooms?

Different cruise lines offer different sizes of staterooms. Size is seldom a problem for most passengers because many of them spend the majority of time on the deck or in the dining room.Inside ro... Read More »