How is a computer's speed defined?

Answer Computers are complex systems, which makes it difficult to define a given computer's speed in a single, easy to compare value. Because of this, multiple measurements and methods exist for measuring... Read More »

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In florida the standard defined speed limit in a residential area is ___ mph?

If there is no posted speed limit sign, the default is 30mph.

As defined by DoD 5240.1-R a US person is defined as?

U.S. citizenAn alien known by the DoD intelligence component concerned to be a Permanent Resident Alien of the U.S.An Unincorporated Association Substantially Composed of U.S. Citizens or Permanent... Read More »

How to speed up ur computers Internet ?

To say you are being VAGUE is to put mildly.Left the My Computer Icon / Right click Local Disk (C:) Properties run Disk Clean Up put a tick in every box scroll down and make sure every box hs a tic... Read More »

How to Play Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed on Two Computers With Only One Disk?

To play Need for Speed Porche Unleashed you technically need two CDs, but you can use this method to cheat the system and play with only one.