How is a car considered totaled?

Answer After an accident the vehicle involved is basically in the hands of the insurance company. The insurance company will determine how much the car is worth and how much it would cost to fix it.Apprai... Read More »

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How do I Check the VIN of a Totaled Car?

Even if a vehicle has been totaled by an insurance company, you can still benefit from a vehicle history report if you intend to put the vehicle back on the road. Laws and requirements for a totale... Read More »

Can I sell a totaled car in Washington?

When a car is deemed totaled, or salvaged, it means that fixing the car would cost more than the car is worth. Each state includes its own requirements for reporting salvaged vehicles. In the state... Read More »

How is the value for a totaled car determined?

After an insurance company deems a car a "total loss," it then sets out to determine the value of the car by calculating a number of different factors.ACVFirst, the insurance company must determine... Read More »

I ran a red light and totaled a lexus?

If his Lexus is truly "totaled", he will receive a settlement for the value of the vehicle at the time of the accident. It doesn't matter what he spent modifying it. Vehicles depreciate from the ... Read More »