How is a bongo drum built?

Answer Bongos are a connected pair of small, single-headed drums. Although bongos are traditionally used in Afro-Cuban music, they're popular in other contexts due to their portability and versatility.She... Read More »

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How to Buy a Bongo Drum?

Bongo drums are often ornately designed, and you may be tempted to purchase a bongo based on its appearance. Someone who is serious about playing the bongo should look beyond just the physical appe... Read More »

What is a bongo drum?

Bongos are a percussion instrument made up of two drums joined together. A larger drum, a hembra, is joined with a smaller drum, a macho.HistoryBongo drumming can be traced back to the late 1800s i... Read More »

What are the parts of a bongo drum?

A bongo drum set consists of two open-shell drums joined by a wooden yoke. The drum parts include synthetic or animal-skin heads, wood or fiberglass shells, and tuning rings or lugs that hold the d... Read More »

How to Play a Bongo Cajon Drum?

Cajon drums have origins in West and Central Africa, where they were developed by slaves in the 1800s. The original cajons were constructed using shipping crates or dresser drawers. Today, the cajo... Read More »