How is a USB flash drive used?

Answer Since the introduction of the USB flash drive, it seems new uses are found for them daily. As manufacturers create new models with ever-increasing capacities, this trend will only continue.BackupTh... Read More »

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Can a flash drive be used as ram?

Flash memory cannot be used as RAM. However, Windows Vista includes a feature called as ReadyBoost that allows you to use nonvolatile flash memory as a memory cache that will function more quickly ... Read More »

I have a 1gb flsh drive and ther is nothing on it and it says that i have used 3/4 of my flash drive, help!?

It might be a hidden file. Format it and try again it has happened to my cousin i'll ask him what he did to fix it. My Computer > Right Click on it > Format > Check 'Quick Format' > Start and it sh... Read More »

What is a flash drive used for?

Flash drives are used to store and conveniently transport data. Flash drives are small external storage devices that may be plugged into a USB port or other device. A flash drive's memory is rewrit... Read More »

Can a flash drive be used on a laptop?

According to Wellesley College, a Flash drive is an external portable hard drive capable of connecting to USB ports. As long as the laptop has available USB ports, it is possible to connect a Flash... Read More »