How is Wikipedia pronounced?

Answer There isn't really an "official" pronunciation. What I would suggest for you would be to try saying the individual word "wiki" and then the suffix "-pedia". How you say each of these will determine... Read More »

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What does GUI (pronounced goo-ey) mean?

GUI is an acronym for Graphical User Interface. The interface is user friendly by using images and icons, instead of a command line, to make it easier to interact with your computer. The Apple Maci... Read More »

How you pronounced Indianapolis?

What does "pwned" mean and how is it pronounced?

Used for gamers. Pwned=Owned Pronounced OhnedMeaning. Pretty much slang, taunting, dissing. Lets say you kill this pro you say OWNED because you actually beat a pro. Lik that

How is gojira pronounced?