How is Wikipedia managed?

Answer There are no moderators on Wikipedia. People have altered articles and put false or misleading information into them. Happens all the time which is why Wikipedia is not considered to be a reliabl... Read More »

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How is the BBC managed?

What is a managed switch?

A managed switch is a type of computer security that controls each individual connection portal in a switch. The overall purpose is to allow the port to flip controls on and off, control link speed... Read More »

What does"board-managed"mean in an LLC?

The term "board-managed LLC" is used to describe an LLC that is structured like a board-managed corporation. The LLC can select a management board comprised of owners who are active in the LLC and ... Read More »

What Is Managed Bankruptcy?

A managed bankruptcy is a type of bankruptcy where the government plays a significant role in an attempt to avoid large-scale disruption to the economy. The federal government's bailout of Chrysler... Read More »