How is Stalin Russian ?

Answer Well, he was actually Georgian, not Russian, and "Stalin" wasn't his real name anyway. I'd say "nice try," but that might encourage you to try again with, say, Pol Pot.

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Are Russian nationalism and Russian patriotism synonyms or antonyms?

Easy. Patriotism is about a state and its institutions while nationalism makes people the main priority, in our particular case Russian people. For example, the communists are patriotic about the S... Read More »

What does Stalin mean?

Joseph Stalin was the communist Soviet Union leader who lived from 1879 to 1953. He was one of Soviet Union's most powerful and brutal leaders, leading the country during World War II and through t... Read More »

How to Look Like Stalin on RuneScape?

What did uncle joseph stalin do that was so bad?

He posted in Radio instead of Troll central.