How is Spam meat produce and what is it made of?

Answer Spam is considered chopped pork shoulder meat, ham meat, salt, water, potato starch, and sodium nitrite to preserve it. I consider as "mystery meat" because I've heard of pink slime and people nowa... Read More »

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How much meat does one cow produce?

Beef producers use a rule of thumb that about half a cow's weight is meat that can be sold. A cow with a live weight (weight on the hoof) of 1,150 lbs will have a "hanging weight" (weight after sla... Read More »

How much meat does a cow produce?

The amount of meat a cow produces depends on its size. A 1,000-lb cow will produce about 610 lbs of meat straight from the slaughter. However, moisture loss and trimmed bones and fat will bring thi... Read More »

Meat Produce Packer Job Description?

Occupations in a meat packing facility can be hazardous due to the number of cutting machines, knives, saws and cleavers required to process raw meat for the marketplace. Meat factory workers prec... Read More »