How is Ruth an ancestor of Jesus?

Answer Ruth is Christ's ancestor. One might ask, "How is that possible?" Jesus was a descendant of the kings of Israel, from a particular line that could trace its roots back to Ruth.Ruth Is Great-grandmo... Read More »

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What is ancestor worshipping called?

Ancestor worship has been prevalent in Chinese society for hundreds of years. Another name for ancestor worship, known as filial piety, spawned from the ancient teachings of the philosopher Confuci... Read More »

What is the most common ancestor of reindeer?

Reindeer belong to the classification order Artiodactyla, which are believed to have spawned off an extinct evolutionary order referred to as Condylarthra that emerged in the Paleocene era approxim... Read More »

Ancestor of National Guard?

Who is the last common ancestor of humans&chimpanzees?

The last common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees may be the Ardipithecus ramidus, a hominid from East Africa who walked upright. Anthropologist C. Owen Lovejoy at Kent State University believes t... Read More »