How is RFID being applied to the tracking of human?

Answer RFID is an identification system, not a tracking system like GPS and does not track a person on a real time basis. It does help track a person by giving a persons location whenever the RFID is use... Read More »

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Can a human being (adult/child) contract worms from being licked accidently on the face by an infected dog?

I suppose it's possible but I would not think it to be likely. Generally speaking, pin worm eggs are found in dirt. Children and adult nail biters are most likely to get pin worms. Anyone who ... Read More »

How can you prevent your payments on condo association dues being applied to late fees instead of dues?

Review your governing documents to determine when late fees are charged. When you pay your assessments on time, there is no late fee; when you pay your assessments late, you pay a late fee.Late fee... Read More »

If California children are being kept from a parent by a relative who has applied for guardianship but has not yet gone to court are the children considered kidnapped or what?

Answer custody of kidsyes its kidnapping because regardless of the situation the parent/s hold full responsibility for the children until a judge rules for guardianship of the child in favour of so... Read More »

Tracking USPS package without tracking number.?

Here's a wild guess. I would bet that the package was delivered and the buyer, being somewhat less than honest, is saying that it didn't arrive. Now they want their money back. This is common when ... Read More »