How is DSL Internet installed?

Answer DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a service usually offered by a local phone company. It utilizes an RJ-11 connection (your phone line) to connect your computer to the Internet.Important Considerati... Read More »

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Installed Windows 7 Ultimate and cant connect to internet?

1: Find the model number on the bottom of your Vaio2: Visit the Vaio website…3: Put you model number in the box and press GO4: Go to "Networks" and downlo... Read More »

I just installed linux Ubuntu on my laptop and i cant seem to Connect to the internet?

Your linksys adapter will need the correct driver to work with Ubuntu. You can use the windows driver if you install and use ndiswrapper. This driver will allow windows wireless drivers to work. Y... Read More »

Just installed Linux Ubuntu, won't stay connected to Internet.?

Make sure you're using the right kind of authentication (WEP, WPA, etc)....

Has anyone else installed Windows Internet Explorer 8 and wondered why they've waited so long..?

I like the fastness....if only this site could pick up the speed a lil bit!