How is DNA testing done at a crime scene?

Answer According to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS), "Virtually all biological evidence found at crime scenes can be subjected to DNA testing." DNA testing is a regular part of law... Read More »

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What is the song used in episode CSI Crime Scene Investigation All In when they showed the Huxley era scene?

What is the name of the CSI Crime Scene Investigation episode in which the last scene looks like Grissom in a guest bedroom begging Catherine to stay in the room as he lies there and the door closes?

Nothing has beed said about it yes, so, hopefully no. Actually, he said he might be back full time next season(in the interview with TV Guide)

Why is crime DNA testing so good?

Analyzing DNA evidence collected from a crime scene can implicate or eliminate a suspect because everyone except identical twins has DNA as unique as fingerprints. DNA evidence convicts the guilty ... Read More »

What is a crime scene log?

A crime scene log keeps a written record of every visitor to a crime scene, including arrival and departure times. The log helps to preserve the integrity of the scene.Information in the LogAlong w... Read More »