How is DC converted to AC?

Answer If you want to run small appliances from a car, boat or RV, you need to convert its direct current (DC) power to alternating current (AC). Electronic systems that do this are called inverters.Purpo... Read More »

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Can MOV be Converted to WMV?

Digital video formats are anything but universal. While computers can play most file formats, portable devices, from smartphones to digital cameras, record and play videos in device-specific format... Read More »

Can DC electricity be converted into AC?

Yes. Power inverters can convert direct current into alternating current. Examples include the 12V 100 Watt Slim Power Inverter, which provides up to 200 watts of peak power, and the 2000 Watt Mari... Read More »

Is Dr. Laura a converted Jew?

Radio personality Dr. Laura Schlessinger, whose syndicated radio show The Dr. Laura Show is heard on 250 affiliates around the world, converted to Conservative Judaism in 1996, then to Orthodox Jud... Read More »

Can firewire be converted to USB?

Firewire can be converted to USB using a firewire adapter. This small accessory has an end that plugs into the firewire port and another end that acts as a USB port.References:Mono Price: Adapters