How is Arnold-Chiari malformation treated?

Answer The recommended treatment for an Arnold-Chiari I malformation is surgery to relieve the pressure on the cerebellar area. During the surgery, the surgeon removes a small part of the bone at the base... Read More »

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How is a diagnosis of Arnold-Chiari malformation made?

An Arnold-Chiari malformation is diagnosed with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) . An MRI uses magnetism and radio waves to produce a picture of the brain and show the crowding of the space between... Read More »

What is a common symptom of Arnold-Chiari malformation?

One of the most common symptoms of Arnold-Chiari malformations is a headache . The headache generally begins in the neck or base of the skull and may radiate through the back of the head.

My son aged four has Arnold-Chiari malformation type one and hydrocephalus can anybody answer please what may of caused this and also the prognosis for the future .my son is now 4 yrs old.thanks?

You are describing nerve pain, he needs to see a Neurologist ASAP!

Is chiari malformation hereditery?

Yes. But not in all cases. I myself have Chiari Malformation Type I and my mom and grandma have it, but the gene skipped my older brother who does not have this malformation.