How in the world do you set up movie applications to your iphone?

Answer yes because it has useful things that you will need like a calculator phone and electonic items that u will use

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Do you need an iPhone to install iPhone applications on your phone?

yes then what would the purpose be but you dont have to get them on your iphones apple store you can get and app on your computers applestore

How to Make Folders for Your Applications on an iPhone 4G?

The ability to create application folders is one of the new features that is available on an iPhone 4 and with older iPhone models running the iPhone OS 4. This feature allows you to create folders... Read More »

Your applications dont open for your iPhone?

Your apps that came pre-installed on the iphone, mail, ipod, calendar, etc., should work anyway. If even these apps don't work, you have a software issue and need to first try rebooting the phone,... Read More »

How do you transfer unpurchased applications from your iPhone to computer?