How important is your neighbors'input for a government job?

Answer On One Hand: It Can MatterMany applicants for government jobs, especially those requiring a security clearance, must undergo a background check, including an investigation of the applicant's person... Read More »

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Why is the CIA important to the functuining of your government?

What branch are you looking for.. for obvious reasons they can't answer this question.. go to website and get the facts

Why are limited government and separations of powers important?

5.56mm is the smallest "Standard" that is used in the US military.Rifle and Machine Gun Ammunition.30-06 (Springfield, Garand, light machine guns).30 Carbine (M1 Carbine only).50 cal (heavy machine... Read More »

Why did the government find it so important to make tv signals go digital?

Money was a large part of it..Yes, digital is a better system. Yes, the broadcasters were asking for a better system.Then, in the middle 90's, Congress discovered that it could levy "Spectrum Fees... Read More »

Lesson Plans on Important Responsibilities of Local Government to the Community for Third Grade?

In the third grade, students are just beginning to learn about the role of government in society. As such, few students in the third grade understand the difference between local, state, and federa... Read More »