How important is preschool in regaurds to your childs over all education?

Answer Preschool is very important. In psych studies it has been shown that children in preschool start off school with both academic and social advantages. Check and see if your local school district has... Read More »

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Mums would u feel ok with a guy working at ur childs preschool?

It is fantastic to have postive male role models in a pre school. The children relate really well and you will find the mums love you!! You wil have to have CRB check so do not worry about trust is... Read More »

Why art&literacy is important in preschool?

Skills, such as art and literacy, begin developing long before kindergarten and are best cultivated during the preschool years, declares the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).FeaturesBoth art and l... Read More »

Why is playing important for preschool children?

Playing helps to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live, it helps with their overall physical development and helps to develop their motor skills (fine and gross.) ... Read More »

Why Is it Important to Get an Education?

Getting an education is one of the most important messages imparted to children and young adults. Educational choices can have far reaching effects on one's quality of life.