How important is posture when using a walker?

Answer On One Hand: Proper Posture is Vital for a Healthy BackProper posture is important at all times, whether a person is sitting, standing, walking or lying down. Whether walking alone or using an aid,... Read More »

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How important is good posture?

Correct posture is a simple but very important way to keep the many intricate structures in the back and spine healthy. It is much more than cosmetic—good posture and back support are critical to... Read More »

How to Use Correct Posture when Playing Classical Guitar?

You play classical guitar, but you're uncomfortable while playing. Once you read this 8-step article, you'll be comfy AND good at playing, AT THE SAME TIME!

How to Keep Your Posture Straight When You Carry a Heavy Backpack?

For a lot of people, one con is that you need to carry a heavier book bag. This isn't very good at all, because it's tough to carry and can ruin your posture from doubling over because of the weigh... Read More »

When was Johnnie Walker born?

John Walker, also known as "Johnnie Walker," was born in 1805 on Todrigg's Farm, near Kilmarnock, in Ayrshire in the Western Lowlands of Scotland. Walker was a grocer and tea specialist, but also b... Read More »