How important is good posture?

Answer Correct posture is a simple but very important way to keep the many intricate structures in the back and spine healthy. It is much more than cosmetic—good posture and back support are critical to... Read More »

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How important is posture when using a walker?

On One Hand: Proper Posture is Vital for a Healthy BackProper posture is important at all times, whether a person is sitting, standing, walking or lying down. Whether walking alone or using an aid,... Read More »

How can I get good posture?

People are saying its as easy as "JUST THINK IT AND YOULL START DOING IT", if it were that easy then you wouldn't be asking this right now. Another factor to consider is that you probably aren't to... Read More »

How to Keep Good Posture?

Poor posture can lead to a multitude of problems, such as chronic back and neck ache, degenerative arthritis and joint pains. According to the American Chiropractic Association, good posture is ess... Read More »

How to Develop Good Posture?

A healthy, attractive body is a result of factors including cardiovascular exercise, diet and good posture. Posture is an often-overlooked element of physical change and well-being. According to th... Read More »