How important is getting enough sleep for building muscle?

Answer On One Hand: After a WorkoutSleep is essential for building muscle after a workout. While you're at the gym, the exercises you perform for muscle gain actually tear the muscle cells in the body. Bu... Read More »

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What are the health consequences of not getting enough sleep?

Your body and more importantly, your brain need to take a break. This can really only be done properly when you're asleep. Your body rests, takes stock of its functions and carries out necessary re... Read More »

Will not getting enough sleep bring on depression?

Yes. because of the lack of sleep your mood tends to swing low. Lack of sleep for long periods of time can bring about depression.

What are health hazards for not getting enough sleep?

You will feel tired all day, you will be likely to lack concentration and forget stuff.

How do you fix a rototiller not getting enough gas and not starting because of not getting enough gas?

Clean out the carburettor and jets, clean or replace the fuel filter.