How important is a sound card to a computer if the computer already have sound?

Answer The sound IC on today's motherboards has improved. It is only if you find it is not good enough that you need a card. More expensive motherboards often have better sound, uop to 7+1+2 channel (7 ch... Read More »

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Can I damage a 5.1 surround sound computer sound card by hooking up 7.1 surround sound speakers to it?

In general NO - but it really depends on how you hook it up.If you run optical to a AV Receiver - this is the way it is normally hooked up to any 5.1 device. Your HDTV, BluRay, DVD player or HD cab... Read More »

My old computer had windows 98 with a sound card. i have updated to win xp now the sound card will not work?

That's actually quite normal. Not all hardware is compatible with windows xp. The best you can to go to: the update software, and automatically install a... Read More »

What does the computer sound card do?

The sound card is an expansion card within a computer that creates and facilitates the output and input of audio signals.HistoryBefore the invention of the sound card, a computer could only make a ... Read More »

What does a computer sound card do?

Every computer has the capacity to produce sound. Some have this ability integrated into the motherboard, but others have dedicated sound cards that can improve the computer's sound performance. Th... Read More »