How important are gardasil shots?

Answer On One Hand: Possible BenefitsGardasil is a vaccine for types 6, 11, 16 and 18 of the human papillomavirus (HPV). It can cause immunity to those strains of the virus in people who choose to get th... Read More »

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Can gardasil shots affect your baby?

On One Hand: No Evidence of HarmAnimal studies on Gardasil have shown no evidence of harm to the fetus, making Gardasil a Pregnancy Category B drug, according to Merck Pharmacueticals. Gardasil als... Read More »

Most Important Shots for Wedding Photographers to Get?

A good professional wedding photographer does not ad-lib or wing-it on a couple's big day. Modern-day photography is not only a coveted art form but a highly orchestrated undertaking. Some captured... Read More »

Why is it important to follow a specific schedule in giving vaccine shots?

because it has a right time for need right place,right time..and wait a not your doctor,so dont ask me...

If you take insulin shots, will your body become dependent on the shots?

You would only be taking insulin shots if your body is no longer producing insulin on its own any longer. If your body is no longer producing insulin, then you need the shots. Your body is not depe... Read More »