How identify unborn babi's sex?

Answer Only through a scan.

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Can a unborn baby get mad?

The nature of the question requires a theoretical answer because no research has been done on foetal emotions. It is common belief however, that the baby in the womb does indeed have normal similar... Read More »

Can ice harm an unborn baby?

If you are talking about the drug ice then absolutely. You should not be carrying a baby if you are going yo harm it with a drug.

Should I put my unborn up for adoption?

If you are all ready thinking that caring for another child will be a burden for you and for your unborn child, then the kindest thing you can do for this child, and yourself, and the sibling of th... Read More »

How do you kill an unborn child?

You shouldn't use the word kill in this state, its called an abortion if that is your question in any case. As it is well know, it is illegal and inhuman to kill you should know better. I suggest y... Read More »