How i can install my hp printer laserjet 1010 on window 7?

Answer windows 7 will not support it plus hp does not support drivers for windows 7 n vista drivers will not work

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How to Install HP Laserjet Printer 1100 in Computer?

HP is a technology manufacturer that specializes in printers. The Laserjet is a series of inexpensive laser printers for light to moderate use. The original HP Laserjet 1100 was a popular model, bu... Read More »

My printer will only prin Test pages HP deskjet 1010?

To fix it go Start / Control Panel / Printers.Right click on Printer icon.On drop-down menu left click:1. Set as Default Printer2.Use Printer Online.

What is the difference between Deskjet printer and Laserjet printer Which one is the best ?

Deskjet (Inkjet) printers use ink. Laserjet printers use toner. Inkjet printers are cheaper to buy and use, but aren't as good in terms of quality as laserjet. If you are just buying a printer for ... Read More »

What is a 50.2 printer error usually mean for a laserjet printer?

It depends on the printer, but generally:The fuser is malfunctioning, which may be from either an overheating or under-heating condition.x =2: Warm-up failure (timed out)Turn off the printer for at... Read More »