How hot should HP laptop power supplies get?

Answer The temperature of both an HP laptop and its corresponding power supply should register a maximum of 95 degrees Fahrenheit. If the laptop or power supply reaches a higher temperature, it should go ... Read More »

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Is it normal for HP laptop power supplies to get hot?

The power supply for Hewlett Packard laptops will reach temperatures up to 104 degrees while powered on. One of the main reasons the power supply is external of the laptop, unlike desktop computers... Read More »

Do power supplies break after rebooting multiple times The Power Supply is also brand new (4 times)?

Power supplies are designed to support break downs in some conditions, but if you do not have a non-brake (regulates voltage and works as battery for some minutes when general power is off) the hig... Read More »

How can connect tow power supplies together?

By rigging the cables but i wouldn't recommend that at all.

How to Fix Dell Computer Power Supplies?

The power supply unit is the most basic component of your Dell computer system. It is what makes it possible for your computer to function and yet is often forgotten about until something goes wron... Read More »