How to Use a Public Sauna?

Answer Public saunas may seem strange to people who have not used them. They are simply heated rooms or buildings that are used by people to speed up sweating. Most workout centers are equipped with sauna... Read More »

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How to Operate a Sauna?

Saunas are small rooms or buildings used to generate steam by throwing water over hot stones. People take time in saunas to reduce stress, remove impurities from the skin and help relieve pain. Mak... Read More »

How Hot Should a Sauna Be?

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The Purpose & Use of a Sauna?

Many gyms and spas offer saunas, or sweat lodges. The heat of a sauna raises your body's core temperature, causing your body to dilate blood vessels and produce sweat. Most saunas use heat to warm ... Read More »

Sauna Disadvantages?

The sauna is a room created for users to experience hot temperatures for pain relief and relaxation. The dry heat from a sauna can help those suffering with muscle aches from a strenuous workout. U... Read More »