How hot is the Earth's mantle?

Answer Estimates vary about the temperature of the Earth's mantle. According to the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, mantle temperature ranges from about 870 degrees Celsius (... Read More »

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What is a mantle?

The mantle is the layer of the earth between the inner molten core and the outer core or crust of the earth. The earth's mantle is solid and made up of magnesium, iron, silicon, aluminum and oxygen... Read More »

How do I accent a fireplace mantle?

Personal PiecesSelect the type of items you want to use to accent your mantle, and break them down into categories, such as ornamental pieces and family heirlooms or possessions. The amount of item... Read More »

Cement Mantle Repair?

While exterior cement cracks on your home may be cause for alarm and require extensive renovations to correct, cracks in decorative items indoors are most often simply aesthetically displeasing. If... Read More »

What is the mantle cavity?

The mantle cavity is part of the body structure of a mollusk, such as a clam or snail, that covers the gills, olfactory organs, kidneys, anus and gonads. It lies outside the animal's visceral mass ... Read More »