How to Get Through the Magma Hideout in "Emerald"?

Answer The Team Magma Hideout houses Team Magma's primary headquarters deep in the heart of Mt. Chimney in the Hoenn region. In "Pokemon Emerald," the player must obtain the Key Item called the Magma Embl... Read More »

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How to Get Into the Magma Pool in "Neopets"?

"Neopets" is a website where users can keep free virtual pets. There is a wide variety of species, from rabbits to alligators, and none of the worries of owning a real pet. You can take part in a n... Read More »

What is the magma composition of the bezymianny volcano?

1. Click the 'fun and games' tab 2. Go on 'make your own' 3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page 4. The Judoon is there

What Are Three Ways Magma Can Form?

Magma is a mixture of melted crystals, rocks and dissolved gases. It is magma that causes volcanic eruptions. These eruptions can be either explosive or non-explosive. Magma is formed by both wet a... Read More »

What Types of Rocks Can Be Found in the Magma of a Volcano?

Rocks exist in magma in the same sense that ice exists in hot coffee. Magma has the properties of a liquid, but is never entirely liquid. It is a mixture of melted rock, suspended crystals and diss... Read More »