How to Use Lava Gro?

Answer Lava Gro is a brand of shampoo and hair-growth serum, which the company claims stimulates, energizes and moisturizes hair. Both the serum and shampoo contain volcanic mineral extracts that penetrat... Read More »

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How hot are lava lamps?

Different light bulbs are utilized in different lava lamps, according to size; 8-oz. lava lamps use 15-watt bulbs, while 2-oz. lamps use 100-watt bulbs. Although the 100-watt bulbs get hotter than ... Read More »

How big are lava domes?

According to Oregon State University's Volcano World website, lava dome thickness can range from two to three meters to just short of a kilometer. Lava dome diameters also can range from as little ... Read More »

Where do lava lamps come from?

England is where they were first patented.Yes but they were also first used in America

What is a lava lounge?