How hot is a welding torch?

Answer According to the 2008 Columbia Encyclopedia, an oxyacetylene welding torch can reach a temperature of 6,300°F (3,480°C), hot enough to cut or weld steel and other metals. The torch is so-named be... Read More »

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What is the temperature of a welding torch?

The commonly-used oxyacetylene welding torch reaches temperatures as high as 3,480°C (6,300°F). This is hot enough to weld or cut steel and other metals. The torch uses oxygen and acetylene to p... Read More »

Welding Torch Tips?

Gas torch welding is a versatile method of joining metals that was perfected in the early twentieth century. It's common among hobbyists, and in industrial situations where MIG welding is not appro... Read More »

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What is a propane torch?

A propane torch is a portable tool with a cylindrical shape that blows propane gas out of one end. Propane is flammable and it is colorless. Propane torches can be used for soldering.References:The... Read More »