How hot is a bolt of lightning?

Answer A lightning bolt's temperature is an astonishing 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite its intense heat, many of the approximately 300 victims of lightening strikes each year survive. However, an aver... Read More »

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How to Do Lightning Bolt Nails?

Nail art is becoming increasingly popular. No longer are nails destined to be just one color. There are many ways to apply a lightning bolt to your painted nails. Nail art brushes and polishes are ... Read More »

How many volts does a lightning bolt have?

The typical lightning bolt can create several hundred million volts of electrical potential, but some storms pack even more of a punch. Positive lightning bolts form in higher storm clouds and can ... Read More »

How many volts does a lightning bolt contain?

Lightning bolts, being natural phenomena, vary somewhat in their voltage, but are always extremely powerful. A typical lightning bolt, striking cloud to ground, contains between 100 million and one... Read More »

Why was there a lightning bolt on the RV used in the Shazam tv series?