How hot does jet fuel burn?

Answer Modern jet fuels have a flashpoint of approximately 120 degrees Fahrenheit, which is high enough that people can safely work with the fuel, even on very hot days. The temperature they produce after... Read More »

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How much fuel does a 747 jet burn?

A Boeing 747 burns about five gallons of fuel per mile. The 747-400, the model currently in use by most airlines, carries about 126,000 pounds of fuel.Source:Boeing

What fuel can a car burn besides gas?

A number of alternative fuels for vehicles have taken the spotlight since the year 2000. Each alternative, from natural gas to electricity, offers pros and cons as a fuel source.Compressed Natural ... Read More »

What temp does jet fuel burn?

Jet fuel is a paraffin oil-based fuel that ignites at 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It generally burns at between 500 and 599 degrees Fahrenheit, and the maximum burning temperature is 1796 degrees Fahre... Read More »

At what temperature does jet fuel burn?

According to the Airport Jet Fuel website, jet fuel burns at about 1,800 degrees F. It would take at least 120 degrees F before jet fuel would blow up (called the flash point).Source:Airport Jet F... Read More »