How hot does a propane torch burn?

Answer Under normal circumstances, a propane torch can reach temperatures of 1,995 degrees Celsius (3,623 degrees Fahrenheit). However, adding oxygen to the propane chemicals results in a higher temperatu... Read More »

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How to Use a Propane Torch?

A propane torch is a very versatile tool for many home repair jobs. Used in low-heat applications, a propane torch can help you soften old paint or loosen a rusted bolt. With higher heat, a torch c... Read More »

What is a propane torch?

A propane torch is a portable tool with a cylindrical shape that blows propane gas out of one end. Propane is flammable and it is colorless. Propane torches can be used for soldering.References:The... Read More »

What cutting torch can be used with propane?

Various brands of cutting torches can be used with propane. For example, the Metalmaster Heavy Duty Cutting Torch (36" 70 or 90 Deg Oxygen/Fuel 22-163/36) and the Gentec hand cutting torches 263 se... Read More »

What is the temperature of a propane torch?

According to the Lapidary Journal magazine, the flame of a propane torch reaches a temperature of 5,252 degrees F (2,900 degrees C). This is hot enough to melt gold and other common jewelry-workin... Read More »