How hot can the oven be when using Anchor Hocking bakeware?

Answer The oven can be as hot as 425º F (318º C) when using Anchor Hocking bakeware. Temperatures hotter than 425º F (318º C) can cause the glassware to become unstable. Anchor Hocking bakeware should... Read More »

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When were Anchor Hocking Boopie patterns made?

Anchor Hocking manufactured Boopie glass from the 1950s until the 1970s. The Berwick pattern, more commonly called "Boopie", came in Forest Green, Royal Ruby, Amber and Crystal. The Boopie patterns... Read More »

Are Anchor Hocking Boopie cups glass or crystal?

Anchor Hocking Boopie cups are made of glass. The word "Boopie" describes a style of glassware that Anchor Hocking created that has circular beads on the base of the glass or as part of the pattern... Read More »

How to Use Oven Safe Glass Bakeware?

A sample of tempered glass bakeware.There are plenty of urban myths concerning the breakage of Pyrex or Anchor Hocking glass bakeware. Hopefully this article will help dispel some of those myths. W... Read More »

Do I put silicone bakeware on a cookie sheet in the oven?

On One Hand: Support Prevents SpillsAccording to Wilton, a manufacturer of silicon bakeware, "always place the silicone bakeware on a cookie sheet or baking pan in order to avoid spillage." Because... Read More »