How hot can metal get with MAPP gas?

Answer MAPP gas burns at around 5,300 degrees F. But the temperature of the metal it heats and how hot it can get depend on the size of the flame, the type of metal, and its area and thickness.Source:Aubu... Read More »

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Can stainless steel be silver soldered with a MAPP gas torch?

On One Hand: MAPP Gas is Hot Enough to SolderIf you are trying to solder two pieces of stainless steel together, it is possible. You simply clean and then heat the stainless-steel components with t... Read More »

Will clothes with metal snaps make the airport metal detector go off?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) must follow certain guidelines when screening passengers through metal detectors. You should avoid wearing clothing containing significant amounts o... Read More »

How to Weld Metal to Metal With a Blow Torch?

A blowtorch uses a gas-fed flame for heating the work piece to create a weld. The fuel used in a blowtorch can be either straight gas or a mixture of fuel gas and oxygen. The fuel gases used includ... Read More »

When stirring food in a metal pot without non-stick in it with a metal spoon, does it make your teeth hurt?

Oh man i know what u mean. That is a pain i the rear.