How high should you hang my LCD TV?

Answer Probably the best method would to be to sit in a chair, sofa, etc. and look straight ahead, or down, slightly. That's the level that's probably the best, just to avoid neck fatigue.

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How high should i hang a plasma tv?

On One Hand: Do Not Hang Your Plasma TV Too HighTypically you want to hang your plasma television 40 to 45 inches off of the floor. This is the measurement from the bottom of the viewable screen to... Read More »

How High Should I Hang a Curtain Rod?

Although dishwashers typically attach to the underside of a kitchen counter, it's sometimes impractical to top-mount a dishwasher, particularly if you're working beneath a solid granite countertop.... Read More »

How High Should You Hang an LCD TV on a Wall?

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How high should I hang a bathroom mirror?

Your bathroom mirror should frame you evenly, from the waist up if the mirror is big enough. If your mirror is small and you will use it primarily for shaving or fixing hair and makeup, then it sho... Read More »